Are you our new student assistant?

We are currently looking for two student assistants for the Virtual Learning Lab at the Department of Psychology at University of Copenhagen: (1) a Unity developer and (2) a social media manager.

We are a growing lab that has enormous potential. You will be part of an innovative, energetic research team that conducts research in learning with immersive technologies such as virtual and augmented reality.

In order to be considered for the position, you must be enrolled as a student at university level. See the two descriptions below or follow this link to apply

Deadline: 06-09-2020

VR Development Assistant
The position will primarily consist of helping researchers with developing simulations (both VR and desktop) we will use in our experiments. The student should be familiar with Unity and C#. If you have experience in related technology (e.g., Java), we are happy to provide guidance. The workload will vary based on need and your availability, but an average around 15 hours per week is intended. Maybe you study computer science, game development, software engineering, or something different, but have a passion for mixed reality and programming.

Social Media Student Assistant
The position will primarily consist of increasing our online presence through posting updates on social media and updating our websites in addition to other ad-hoc activity. Good written and oral communication in English and Danish is a requirement. The workload will vary based on need and can be discussed but will average around 7 hours per week. Maybe you study communication, rhetoric, psychology, communication and IT or something similar.