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Three papers published in BJET special issue on educational VR

We are very happy to announce that we have three manuscripts accepted for publication in a recent special section of the British Journal of Educational Technology on Immersive Virtual Reality in Education.

The three VLL papers included in this special section are:

  1. Petersen, G., Klingenberg, S., Mayer, R., & Makransky, G. (2020). The virtual field trip: Investigating how to optimize immersive virtual learning in climate change education. British Journal Of Educational Technology.
  2. Klingenberg, S., Mønster Jørgensen, M., Dandanell, G., Skriver, K., Mottelson, A., & Makransky, G. (2020). Investigating the Effect of Teaching as a Generative Learning Strategy when Learning through Desktop and Immersive VR: A Media and Methods Experiment. British Journal Of Educational Technology.
  3. Makransky, G., Petersen, G., & Klingenberg, S. (2020). Can an Immersive Virtual Reality Simulation Increase Students’ Interest and Career Aspirations in Science?. British Journal Of Educational Technology.

There are many novel contributions presented in the special issue, and many opportunites for future research are likewise mentioned. The editorial, for instance, points towards research ideas that still needs to be done in the field of Immersive Virtual Reality