Ship Crew Training

This study was developed in collaboration with Maersk and Virsabi. We co-developed a set of simulations that can be used to improve the way in which safety training is done for ship crew on big transport vessels. In the simulation you get to experience what situations can happen on the ship, even before you set foot on board. Your job is to spot those situations and signal to other crew members that they should change what they are doing.

Read the papers related to this project here:

Virtual Reality Lab Training

This project aims to create Virtual Reality interventions for cost-effective training of very specific tasks and skills. The simulations have been developed to resemble the lab environment as closely as possible, allowing for training of staff even before they enter the lab, providing them with safety training, as well as other typical tasks that can be asked of the employees afterwards in real life.

This project is a collaboration between the Virtual Learning Lab and the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability.

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