Virtual Humans

Pipetting Simulation

This study is aimed at testing whether VR can be used to teach students quite manual tasks, like pipetting in a chemistry lab setting. In the simulation the students are being taught about safety and basic rules of working in a lab. They are then asked to perform a serial dilution task, which is a task that is usually the basic exercise taught in physical chemistry lab settings as well.

We have tested this simulation with high school students in Odense, where the students were either taught about the task by a teacher in person, or they were taught by a virtual human inside our simulation. All of the students were then scored based on how well they could perform the same serial dilution task in real life.

Virtual Museum

This experiment was developed to test what features are best for a virtual human to have, to improve how well people learn from them. Participants would walk around a virtual museum about diseases, and they were either on their own, or they were accompanied by virtual teachers. The teachers would have varying levels of realism and figure features.

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